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Private customization in the beer industry

Lychee, chili and coffee…… What flavor of beer do you want? The winemaker can brew it for you. Don’t like the same beer bottle. Take out the design. The winery will be customized for you. Held in Nanjing International Expo Center on the weekend of the Asia’s largest craft beer Exhibition — “second annual exhibition” Chinese craft beer, get used to buy beer in Nanjing eye-opening supermarket industry, but also for the industry to feel the wind blowing beer industry private custom.
As a professional exhibition, there are many foreigners in the brewing beer exhibition. Business English has become standard. Many brewing beer equipment companies and brewing beer companies employ foreigners as consultants. In the Chinese and foreign brewers ideas together to promote, the taste of beer from all sorts of strange things, this is not the only one to fruity fragrance. “The fighting nation”, the Russian brewing enterprise research and development of fine brewing beer even more than 10 degrees, attracted many people curious, the exhibition will be sold out in second days.
Packing doesn’t take the usual route. Jiamei food packaging group insiders, now craft beer bottle long what customers say, to the picture can be integrated into the design of a bottle, is another wedding decoration.
Exhibition organizers, China Light Industry Machinery Association Deputy Secretary General Li Jian introduced, usually we go to the supermarket to buy canned beer, usually industrial beer. In order to extend the shelf life, low temperature sterilization, beer mouth feel the impact. The advantage of fine brewing beer is that it is now brewed and has been developed internationally for many years.
Even if the same formula, the last bucket and the next bucket will not taste the same, this is the charm of brewed beer, but also in line with modern demand for personalized.” Li Jian said that the country currently only three thousand home brewed beer hall, the size is not large. Industry estimates, in China’s cities and towns, every 50 thousand – 100 thousand people should have a brewing beer museum, according to China’s population base calculation, this will be a very big market.

Yanjing: at present, there is no idea of merging with enterprises, and they do not exclude strategic investment

First of all, on the morning of July 7th, Xu Yuexiang, Secretary of the board of directors of the Yanjing beer company, received representatives from the Schroder fund and cicc.
In response to rumors on the introduction of strategic investors, according to the log records, Yanjing is like this: a lot of rumors on the market, but as there is no any Yanjing, and merger plans and ideas. At present, the company’s business continued, healthy development, brand influence, market competitiveness, product quality continued to improve, the company is confident of the future development.
When the time came in the afternoon, the reception staff met with Greenwoods asset and CICC, on the same topic, the answer is this: the company does not exclude any long-term and healthy development, conducive to the company’s identification with company development vision for investors, whether there is a need to introduce strategic investors will be starting from the actual needs of the company development no, for the introduction and the introduction of.
Check the historical data, Bloomberg had reported in 2015, foreign capital of three major domestic beer group introduced only a no beer enterprises, mainly state-owned Yanjing Beer plans to sell 20% shares to overseas investors, but the argument was the company strong reply “rumor, inconsistent with the facts”, “in the next three months does not exist to foreign beer giants to sell equity matters”.
In early 2014, once published, Yanjing Beer chairman Li Fucheng reported that Yanjing Beer “face in the eyes of the media in foreign joint venture joint venture, not” say, Li Fucheng refers to “we actually did not reject the joint venture, is also actively contact with some enterprises”. Li Fucheng recalled at the time, but in the process of communication, some large foreign brands or unequal treatment of national enterprises, or “open mouth” is “eat you””.
With the Chinese beer industry production fell for 3 consecutive years, Yanjing Beer since 2014 has three consecutive years of decline in revenue, net profit last year is among the highest in nearly ten years, the lowest in two years, Yanjing Beer net profit decline of up to 75.2%.

Xiamen port east of the first half of 2017 surge in the volume and price of imported beer

Recently, from the East Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau news, 2017 1-6 month, Dongdu Port imported 13 million 409 thousand litres of beer, the value of $11 million 703 thousand, compared with the same period last year growth of 76.6% and 65% respectively.
It is understood that the beer is one of the main types of imported wine in recent years, the Xiamen port east, the South Korean beer, imported beer accounted for 80.3% of the value of the total. Imported beer continued selling mainly affected by three factors: one is the Xiamen Free Trade Zone introduced a series of supportive policies, constantly optimize the port customs clearance environment, and constantly improve the level of trade facilitation; two is imported beer quality, taste diverse and cost-effective, consumer demand in the domestic market is increasing; three is the high-end wine market contraction, with imported beer the price advantage, gradually take the liquor market in “popular” in the world. As summer comes, beer imports are expected to continue to grow.
According to the trade situation and steady development of imported beer of Xiamen port east, Dongdu inspection and Quarantine Bureau carried out by the importer training, to strengthen the policies and regulations propaganda, strict port inspection, strengthened supervision and other measures to enhance the efficiency of customs clearance of imported beer in the premise of effective control of the.

Tsingtao Brewery’s new global strategy to start leveraging The Belt and Road to develop the international market

Tsingtao Brewery exported to 100 countries and The Belt and Road marketing conference site
In August 11th, Tsingtao Brewery sold 100 countries and Belt and Road Initiative Market Development Conference opened in Qingdao, Tsingtao Brewery in the global, toast, share three act drama, to the “new globalization” sounded the clarion call. Tsingtao Brewery chairman Sun Mingbo said that the market without borders, brands have vested, Tsingtao Brewery to do “brand power” tireless practitioners. Tsingtao Brewery Limited by Share Ltd President Huang Kexing pointed out that with the help of Tsingtao Brewery Belt and Road Initiative initiatives, and actively create a world-renowned Chinese brand, the national brand in the global high up, to contribute China entered the era of brand economy, show Chinese manufacturing and China brand power and responsibility.
Adhering to the four major genes, Tsingtao Brewery has become a representative of Chinese brands
Sun Mingbo pointed out that the brand is a symbol of national comprehensive strength, accelerate the Chinese brand to high-end development and the pace of going out, in order to let more consumers know Chinese brand, understand China products to more consumers around the world to create happiness, this is Tsingtao Brewery years of sustained efforts to the power source.
In an interview with the media, Huang Kexing pointed out that the brand is the common pursuit of consumers and producers, is consistent with the direction of the reform of the structure of the supply side, is the concentrated expression of the comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of the national enterprises, promote brand building, brand economy development, the construction of brand power, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is our common “China dream”.
Huang Kexing pointed out that Tsingtao Brewery was born, 114 years, exports more than 70 years, are exported to 100 countries, behind it is a part of the China surge high and sweep forward modern history; its development, always uphold the four genes unique to Tsingtao Brewery “”.
“The first is the leading brand of Tsingtao Brewery, starting from the first day to go abroad, export is not just to sell products, more important is the brand; second is the quality as the base, in the world, Tsingtao Brewery is involved in the full and open competition, some countries have reached thousands of beer brand. In this competition, the advantage is to rely on the most essential value of the product – good drink. Third, innovation driven. Interaction with the characteristics of the times, self subversion, continuous innovation, Tsingtao Brewery constantly maintain freshness and vitality of the driving force of the source. Finally, culture is the root. Behind the brand is culture, Tsingtao Brewery go out, do not forget to carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation.” Huang Kexing says.

Gamble Budweiser InBev wrestling catering channels

Recently, the reporter visited the capital of the catering market and found that Budweiser InBev’s era, Budweiser, Fan Jiale, and Harbin Fujia beer products in a number of chain restaurants, and signed a buyout agreement with some businesses, only the sale of Budweiser InBev products. A number of catering practitioners said that cooperation with Budweiser started in the second half of last year to the beginning of this year, the price is concentrated in the high-end area of 12-30 yuan. Budweiser InBev 2017 two quarter results in the Chinese market to reverse the downward trend, food and beverage channels as well as the proportion of household consumption growth contributed to performance. Insiders said that the traditional channel is still the main Chinese beer sales path, which catering channel proportion is high, Budweiser InBev as imported beer added catering channels, distribution channels selection difficult, target customers, dividends and challenges.
Targeting catering
Found in Beijing catering channel investigation, in addition to Qingdao, Yanjing, snow and other domestic beer brands, there are four seasons hotel, Hu min Fu Gui street, hill city and other Beijing famous restaurant in the global beer giant Budweiser InBev product figure, and some restaurants have signed a buyout agreement with 100 British Bo, monopoly sales channels.
Is located in Hepingli District of the Four Seasons restaurant chain in the sale of Diana, six kinds of beer are Budweiser InBev brands, including Budweiser, Fan Jiale, Fu era, etc.. The store clerk said, from March this year, the end of the restaurant and Yanjing Beer cooperation, Budweiser InBev began selling products, priced between 18-30 yuan. Located in the small mountain town Jin Gui Gui Street restaurant chain, also sold Budweiser and Harbin Beer. The store clerk reflects, in the second half of 2016 and Budweiser InBev signed a year buyout agreement, the store only sell Budweiser beer, the product price level all have, but the best-selling price is mainly between 10-20 yuan.
It is understood that Budweiser’s high-end product positioning in China, mainly in the evening, the electricity supplier, super stores and other channels. With Budweiser InBev continued to slow growth in performance, China’s food and beverage channels to become the focus of Budweiser InBev layout of the object. Investigation, the reporter found that, at present, Budweiser InBev partners in the food and beverage channels mainly for the size of the chain of food and beverage, and limited cooperation stores.

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